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Coaching Philosophy

Communication is the key!

I am not a method teacher. Each student is unique in their physical make-up, age, goals, learning ability and dedication to their game. Implementation of verbal, visual and touch communications skills enhances the learning experience. The goal is to give each student a sense of “feel” for the improvements made to their golf swing and a clear understanding of the lesson so that they will better retain the information and make the necessary modifications.

It is not enough merely for the student to verbally understand the instruction. It is absolutely imperative that the student can duplicate the positive aspects of their individual swing long after the lesson is over. Often this occurs during the lesson or can be developed with time through proper practice and effective swing drills.

My goal is to give each of my students a simple, fundamental understanding of their golf swing. My teaching methods are simple and practical. No magical secrets just sound fundamentals presented in a variety of approaches to help the student reach their goals.

Incorporating fun in the learning process is essential.  An instructor needs to be talented, animated, and enthusiastic in their delivery of the information. I enjoy teaching the beginning to intermediate golfer. Additionally, I have worked with many accomplished players and other PGA professionals to enhance their games.

A philosophy of RCC is what I strive for to instill in each individual student.

Relaxed, Confident and Consistent.