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When your over a putt:

If you think your gonna miss it – you will.
If you think your gonna make it – you might.
If you know your gonna make it – you will!

Remember when taking a lesson:

What I hear I forget.
What I see I learn.
What I feel I retain!


Golf is about... Leverage, Balance, Knowledge - Mark Csencsits

Golf is about...beating my best score - Jada Thompson

Golf is about...being the best I can be - Alenda Gardner

Golf is about...creating 4 hour friendships- Jack Dwight

Golf is about... beating my husband - anonymous

Golf is about... Playing one shot at a time and staying in the present - Dr. Bob Rotella

Golf is about...trying again next weekend - Paul Wright

Golf is about...playing to your strengths and practicing your weaknesses

Golf is about...not taking yourself or the game to seriously - Mary G.

Golf is about...knowing your putting is the first thing to go. - Al Erby

Golf is about...being happy with one success after 99 defeats! - Pete Rowlings

Golf is about...learning your limitations - Sam Young

Golf is about...accepting disappointments and enjoying achievements - Harry S

Golf is about...being outside - Sally S.

Golf is about...realizing that if I practice enough, then I can just go play! Oliver R.

Golf is about...controlling emotions - Dan Devine

Golf is about...breaking 100 - Russell Ramos

Golf is about...making a kid smile - Joe R.

Golf is about...having fun! - C.J.

Golf is about...getting the ball in the hole! - Joe Bartone