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How important is the mental approach to golf?

Perhaps the most important of all. Many sports psychologists believe that you can use the strength of your mind to improve weak areas in your game. For starters, you can eliminate negative thoughts by revisiting positive memories.

Here are some basic tips from the PGA Manual of Golf on mental toughness in golf:

  • Play one shot at a time. Don’t worry about the shot you just played or what others are doing.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. Set realistic goals for your game and your round and only judge yourself against those goals.
  • Be patient. Golf is a game of ebb and flow, good breaks and bad breaks. The most successful players are those who minimize their mistakes and wait for their opportunities.
  • Keep the game in perspective. Win or lose, score well or poorly, in the end, golf is still a game.

Remember you are ALWAYS playing the course NOT your opponent.