Golf Clubs
Service Philosophy

Remember the golden rule! The customer is always right. I know this is a bit old fashioned and in many businesses today is the exception rather than the rule. Let’s face it, the Golf business is about people without them we are in serious trouble to meet revenue goals. Golfers can choose from dozens of outlets to receive their golfing fix. Whether it is for a round of golf, merchandise or instruction there are limitless avenues for them to pick from.

I like to treat golfers and people the way I like to be treated. Simple actions such as greeting them first, remembering them by name and making them feel at ease goes a long way in terms of running a successful operation and developing a loyal clientele.  Why will they take a lesson from me?  Because I genuinely care about their progress and it shows. I have empathy, patience and understand their goals and will do whatever it takes to help them achieve these goals. Why purchase that newest driver at our golf shop?  They will receive first class service through a knowledgeable professional and feel special in the process. Also, I won’t forget to thank them for their purchase! Why will they play golf at our facility or have an outing or function on the grounds? The comments I want to hear most are; the conditions were great, the staff is so friendly and the food was fantastic.

Golfers need to have a pleasurable, relaxed, and memorable experience each time they decide to patronize the facility. The level of service and commitment to excellence can never waver.  From the bag boys through management positions each person is a valuable asset to the facility. Each in their own way is a reflection on the facility and its image. Simple things that should be accomplished are looking the customer in the eye when speaking. Addressing them in the proper manner that they are accustomed to (Mr., Mrs., Dr. etc.)  Remembering that the customer/member is there for us to serve not the other way around.

I have been blessed with working for many successful facilities and Golf Professionals during my tenure. I have implemented many tried and true programs that will work at any facility as long as the entire support staff is in tune with the facilities goals. I have also experienced in some cases as a subordinate what not to do and how not to treat people from previously poor management decision makers. Fortunately, most of these leaders are no longer in the golf business.

If we realize that golf is a game for a lifetime and it is a very competitive business indeed, then we might approach each patron not as a customer taking up our valuable time, but rather an old or new friend that we are excited to see or meet.