Golf Clubs
Coaching vs. Teaching

2012 will be the year that I dedicate myself to become even more of a coach rather than just a teacher of golf.

For the first time, I will be including supervised practice sessions in addition to your lesson times with me. These supervised practice sessions will ensure that you are developing the skills learned during your previous lesson. My presence guarantees that you are correctly practicing the skills you are trying to learn. It is a check-point to make sure that you are ready to progress to your next lesson.

This supervised practice process is imperative to accelerated learning, and it maximizes your chance to reach your full potential.

For those of you that feel you only need a lesson or two on a specific topic, I will still offer the traditional 30 and 60 minute lessons.

My passion to be your coach in this game of golf is only surpassed by my strong desire for you to improve!



Coaches how to play the game Teaches the positions & the shots of the game
Coach is present at practice Absent from practice sessions
Coaches on the “field of play” Stays on the range
Has a vested interest in the player Teaches one student after another
Learns from the ball flight Mindless ball beating practices
Coaches player how to think for themselves Teaches his/her word is law
Coaches players on how to solve problems Student remains reliant on them
Coaches physical, mental, and abstract Teaches physical movements & static positions