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100% Lesson Guarantee

Over 26 Years of coaching and teaching the great game of golf has lead me to easily offer you a 100% money back guarantee! Together, I know we will get results and you will get better and enjoy your game more as a result. Before our first session begins, we will establish some realistic goals, practice and playing routines and identify current weaknesses in your game. For any Coaching package of golf lessons with me, if after the first session you did not learn anything, feel better about your future progress, or have any fun, I will refund your entire package price fee.

Student / Coach Agreement

This is an agreement between the student and coach. By taking the time to read this, it will ensure the best chance of success for learning and improving your game of golf.

As the student I promise to relax, ask questions and have fun during the lesson and do my best to learn.

I promise to practice after each lesson is completed to the point where I am comfortable with the changes that have been made. I will be patient with my progress and be non-judgmental of myself, as I understand this will only impede my progress.

I will place my trust in my coach’s knowledge to teach me the things that I need to obtain my goals. I will resist the temptation to accept instruction, tips or advice from any external influences that are unqualified or beyond my comprehension. While I am confident that my instructor is the best, I understand that I am the major factor in my own improvement.

As the coach I promise to be patient, friendly and fun while providing the highest level of golf instruction to help the student meet his/her goals. I will make suggestions, provide supervised practices, drills and digital recordings in order to enhance the student’s progress.

In addition, I will also use my expertise to provide answers to questions regarding equipment, etiquette, rules of golf, etc. I have seen and helped thousands of individual golfers. I will emphasize the positive aspects rather than pursue a fault-finding mission with your swing. I will do my best to help the student set realistic goals and the amount of lessons/time those goals will take to achieve.



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