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Changes to the World of Golf Instruction that you need to know about!

Over the past 20 years, I have always considered myself more of a golf coach rather than a golf instructor. My juniors call me “Coach Mark” – in fact that's what my name badge reads. I have always had a deep passion for coaching the game and for helping my students play the game.

Thanks primarily to two men, Charlie King (creator of “New Rules of Golf”) and Dr. Rick Jensen (author of “Easier said than Done”), there is a large movement to change the way golf is traditionally being taught. Many Top 100 and National Teachers of the Year are already supporting this new method of learning.

The game itself has changed dramatically over the last 50 years. The equipment, balls, course conditions, and the number of practice facilities available has exploded. Today's teachers are better trained and have access to all the latest gadgets, training aids and video technology to support their students.

But there is one thing that hasn't changed over the 50 years....the average handicap for the amateur golfer has remained the same!


I believe I have an answer. Golf has been taught incorrectly for many years. Students typically stand on a range mat, hit a bucket of balls and learn swing positions. Then they are cut loose to practice on their own and apply what they've learned on the course. This is the way golf instruction has always been done.

Instead, we need to start coaching the game just like any other sport. This involves supervised practices and an emphasis on the student learning to play a game, not learning a single technique. On-course playing lessons (where the game is actually played – not on a range mat) are imperative to transfer the skills learned into practice.

I believe 100% in King's and Jensen's philosophies. This is not a new philosophy for me but a new movement in the golf industry. I believe that I have been successful with so many students because I adhere to many of the ideas presented by these two innovators.

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