Golf Clubs
4 Types of Golfers

I believe there are 4 types of golfers. Each level of golfer increases in intensity, dedication, and commitment. Below are the four categories of golfers with descriptions. Each level of golfer has unique needs, goals and desires. Taking these factors into account, I have recommendations as to which lesson plan(s) is best for each category of golfer.

Level #1 The “Newbie”

The name says it all: you have never played the game but have a desire to learn the game. Inexpensive group lessons, golf social “clubs,” and Get Golf Ready programs are your best way to learn the game at the lowest price point. Get Golf Ready is a great way to see if golf is for you without shelling out a lot of money, and no equipment is required to participate. In addition, Coaches Pack #1 or #2 would give you a total learning experience and one-on-one time with me.

Level #2 The Recreational or Social Golfer

You probably play more than you practice (if you practice at all)! You love the game and would like to improve your skill level. You could use the knowledge of how to execute certain shots in the game. You have limited time and or resources to spend honing your skills. Golf is more of a social, weekend activity spent with good friends, business associates or clients a few times per year. All you really need is some specialized knowledge and a coach to guide you. Attending group lessons pertaining to your specific deficiencies or the Coaches Pack #1 or #2 are your best bets.

Level #3 The Core Golfer

You are the heart and soul of the golf industry...thank you for playing! You have a deep desire to improve and take your game to the next level. You are willing to put in the practice time and effort that it takes to make improvements a reality. You play frequently, even in organized, competitive events, but you neglect your practice schedule or don't know how or what to practice. Depending on your goals, Coaches Pack #1 or #2 or #3 would be best for you!

Level #4 The Committed/ Competitive Golfer

Let's face it, you love's in your blood! You compete in a variety of events and expect to do well. You may practice more than you play, and you enjoy practice time. Playing the game at your best is why you practice. You are ready to take your game to the next level. You understand the nuances of the game but hunger for more and are willing to put forth the effort to attain new goals. Coaches Pack #3 or #4 are suited for you.