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"Golf's 4 Bases"

You've heard the saying that you need to “cover all your bases.” Think of any sport right now, and what factors come to mind that makes an athlete successful? It's the training, equipment, physical fitness, and mental toughness. I consider these to be the 4 bases that you need to cover.

The 4 bases are the same for any sport. If you would like to play your best golf, then make sure you have “covered 'em all.”

Let's look at baseball (I played 24 years before switching to golf) as one example and how it relates to golf.

1st Base - Instruction:

Baseball has a manager, assistant manager, outfield, infield, hitting, pitching, catching and even dugout coaches. ALL the teams have strength and flexibility trainers, psychologists, and athletic trainers. Each coach works on developing skills for their players within their own expertise. They teach the game to their players – not just movements and positions.

Do baseball teams win the world series if they do not have good pitching? Good hitting? Bunting? This is similar to golf when you have a piece of your game missing. Your killing your driver but your short game stinks! Do you have a golf coach for putting? Chipping? Sand play? Do you have a coach that can help you learn the game rather than teach you positions?

2nd Base - Equipment:

Think about it, from helmets and bats, to batting gloves and spikes, major league teams have the best equipment available. They do everything they can to gain an advantage and keep their players relaxed, confident, and consistent (RCC). When was the last time you played and had all 3 elements? Have you ever played a whole round and felt of Relaxed, Confident, and Consistent? I can show you how!

If your playing with equipment that does not fit your game then the only thing you really have is a built in excuse to play poorly! Of course custom fitted irons and woods are extremely important. Have you ever thought about the ball you are playing, and how it can affect your scores? What about a properly fitted glove? Over 85% of golfers buy a golf that is too large for their hand! How about your tees? I changed a student's tee height during a lesson, and they hit it straighter and longer than ever before. I asked him why he teed it so low, and he said “because that's the only size tee that was in my bag.”

3rd Base - Fitness:

Baseball players train year round. The press makes a big deal the first day pitchers and catchers meet – it's a sign that spring is just around the corner. Most have been training during the entire off-season. If a player waited until pitchers and catchers met, then he would have trouble making the team. Players train hard in the off-season so that they can be at their peak performance for opening day and have the stamina for a grueling 162 game season.

Golf doesn't have to be grueling, frustrating and tedious. After all, we're here to have fun, right? Most of us compete against a few close friends, ourselves or in organized events. You do not need a huge amount of physical training for golf improvement, but if you are not doing ANY form of strengthening or stretching will NOT play your best golf!

Your body is the machine that drives the engine. If you're tired after 18 holes and sore the next day, your engine needs a tune-up. Any person, at any age, can make improvements to their golf game. If you change nothing else about your golf game and simply maintain a golf specific exercise program, I guarantee you will see results! You will feel better too!

4th Base - Mental:

The face-off between the pitcher and opposing batter is a total battle of mental strength and toughness. Pitchers do their best to psych out the batter and throw off their timing and routines while they are at home plate. Any batter with doubt, fear, or negative thoughts once inside the batters “box” is doomed to fail!

What happens to you when you step up to the tee “box”? Are you RCC? Relaxed, confident, and consistent in your pre-shot routine? Do you even have a pre-shot routine? If you are RCC, then continue with what your doing. If you are thinking negative thoughts, doubting your abilities and are unhappy playing this “game” then come see me and we will change all that!


Coaches in baseball are always training their players to think for themselves. Because in the end, the player himself is the one doing the actions out on the field. Coaches can only hope they have provided their players with enough training, knowledge and preparation to cover all 4 bases.

If you do not have all four bases covered, then you will never score during your career.

Learn how to get “home” with me at your side. I want to be your golf COACH!